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Consulting with Your Dentist Regularly for Your Own Overall Health

The Importance of Your Dentist in Keeping Your Overall Health Well Maintained

Not a lot of people are aware of this fact, but your overall health is actually closely linked to the state of your oral health. In recent years in particular, there have been a lot of studies pointing to how illnesses and other health conditions can arise if dental care is not properly carried out.

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Dentist Recommends Eating More Apples and Cheese for Whiter Teeth

Dentist in Coral Springs Shares 5 Food to Eat Your Way to Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants a white hot smile that would put even Hollywood’s brightest stars to shame. Fortunately, achieving a beautiful smile is as simple as setting a teeth whitening appointment with a trusted dentist in Coral Springs.

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Three Telltale Dental Signs Needing Immediate Attention from a Dentist

Dentist Cites Three Dental Symptoms People Often Ignore, But Shouldn’t

Believe it or not, a noticeable percentage of the American population consciously chooses to forgo a visit to a dentist due to a number of reasons. They would rather suffer in silence due to an ongoing oral health problem rather than spend time in a dentist’s office.

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A Dentist Lists the Top Three Things You Should Do for Whiter Teeth

A Dentist Explains the Essential Three Steps to Attaining Pearly White Teeth

Your favorite Hollywood actor or actress might lead you to believe pearly white teeth come naturally. However, according to a dentist, achieving this high level of oral perfection actually requires a lot of effort.

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Useful Dietary Tips and Cosmetic Dentist Help for Discolored Teeth

How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Help You Whiten Badly Discolored Teeth

Although yellow teeth may not be as urgent as other tooth problems, such as a chipped tooth, they can still take a toll on your self-esteem. This cosmetic concern develops for many reasons, including genetics, normal wear and tear, and certain foods. Fortunately, having yellow teeth doesn’t have to be a recurring problem if you…

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Healthy Teeth, Healthy Heart?

Healthy Teeth, Healthy Heart? Experts say that your oral health could clue you in to the condition of your heart — so listen up! Here’s what you should know about the links between your teeth, gums, and ticker. By Marie Suszynski You brush, floss, and follow all your dentist’s commandments for healthy teeth and gums…

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Considerations to Think About Before Having Clear Dental Braces Made

Dental Experts Provide Vital Facts You Need to Know about Clear Braces

For years, you’ve longed for straighter teeth. What may be holding you back from getting braces is their aesthetics; they are very noticeable in your mouth. That’s not the case when you elect to get clear braces, which, as the name suggests, are made out of discreet clear material unlike traditional metal alloy braces. If…

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Periodontal Disease and Heart Conditions

There’s nothing quite like a confident bright smile, and a healthy mouth to go along with it. Good oral health does more than ensure you have healthy teeth and gums. For decades now, research results have been demonstrating that there is a direct correlation between periodontal disease and heart conditions. Better oral care could see…

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