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The Importance of Your Dentist in Keeping Your Overall Health Well Maintained

Consulting with Your Dentist Regularly for Your Own Overall Health

Not a lot of people are aware of this fact, but your overall health is actually closely linked to the state of your oral health. In recent years in particular, there have been a lot of studies pointing to how illnesses and other health conditions can arise if dental care is not properly carried out.

Here are some of instances that show the relationship between oral health and overall health, and why your dentist turns out a much more important role in the state of your physical well-being.

Indigestion and Other Stomach Problems

The process of mastication or chewing is integral because this is what initially breaks down the food into digestible bits. Most people, however, rush through their meals and so are not able to chew properly. As a result, they swallow big chunks of food that the stomach may sometimes find difficult to break down and extract nutrition from.

It’s not just hasty eating that causes the problem, though. Missing teeth also directly affects the mastication process. While it is mildly inconvenient at best, it can also seriously lead to indigestion or even stomach cramps.

Cardiovascular Health

Heart diseases can also possibly be connected to bad oral health. More specifically, stroke and clogged arteries are reportedly linked to infection and inflammation that are caused by oral bacteria. As these can travel down from the mouth to the bloodstream, and into the cardiovascular system, these bacteria can then cause problems to the heart, eventually leading to major health issues.

Apart from clogged arteries, endocarditis or the infection of the heart’s inner lining is also a possible consequence of oral germs and bacteria. To mitigate such risks, therefore, it’s simply a whole lot better to keep on top of your oral health.

Respiratory Infections

If these oral bacteria get into your respiratory system, it can result to lung infections, including pneumonia. Again, this may seem highly unlikely at first, but once you realize just how mobile oral bacteria can be, and how easy it can reattach itself into different systems in the body to wreak havoc, you’re bound to take its importance a lot more urgently and seriously.

Diabetes Complications

If you have gum problems alongside your diabetes, you should want to address this issue at the soonest possible time. Periodontal disease can actually make it more difficult for you to rein in your blood sugar, which consequently makes it harder for you to control your diabetes symptoms.

While these health problems are wholly possible with bad oral health, it does not have to be inevitable. Regular visits to the dentist can help you stay on top of your oral health to pre-empt and immediately fix whatever problems there may be. Don’t wait until these worst case scenarios for you to seek help from a reliable dentist like those from Welleby Family Dental Clinic. Make it a habit to visit them regularly and you can improve your chances at having good overall health.


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