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A Dentist Explains the Essential Three Steps to Attaining Pearly White Teeth

A Dentist Lists the Top Three Things You Should Do for Whiter Teeth

Your favorite Hollywood actor or actress might lead you to believe pearly white teeth come naturally. However, according to a dentist, achieving this high level of oral perfection actually requires a lot of effort.

That said, the level of whitening you desire might not be healthy for your teeth. Tooth enamel is naturally translucent and bluish-white in color, which exacerbates the visibility of yellow dentine. This is why your teeth look more yellow or gray than white.

However, it’s not impossible to achieve a whiteness level just right for your teeth. You just have to adopt some lifestyle routines if you really wish to attain a shiny white smile.

Give yourself a lifestyle check

Aside from yellow or gray being the natural color of most healthy teeth, there are several habits that inevitably stain your teeth. The drinking of coffee, tea, and wine can leave stubborn stains on your teeth. The same goes with smoking and taking some medications, such as antihistamines and those that treat high blood pressure. Discoloration can also result from poor oral hygiene.

To achieve ideal, pearly white teeth, you need to either reduce or eliminate the consumption of these sort of deterrents, except for the medication, which is important for your functional health. Beyond this, practice good oral hygiene with regular brushing and flossing.

Make regular visits to your dentist

Twice-a-year visits to the dentist for a general cleaning can greatly help you achieve whiter teeth. Ask your dentist, however, about how many visits you particularly need to reach such a goal.

If you are thinking of brushing with commercial whitening gels or toothpastes, you should gain your dentist’s opinion first before pulling products from the shelf—some might be unable to correctly address the discoloration of your teeth. You might actually end up weakening your teeth for no reason at all.

Consider professional teeth whitening

Again, you need to obtain your dentist’s advice on whether professional teeth whitening is acceptable for your oral condition. You need to understand that teeth whitening is actually a complex process that can cause a lot of teeth and gum damage if not performed correctly or in accordance to a dentist’s recommendations.

The procedures might vary depending on the root cause of your teeth discoloration. Furthermore, the results might not be as white as you imagined they might be. Nevertheless, it’s more important to keep your mouth clean and healthy than sporting brilliantly white teeth at the expense of their health.

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