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A General Dentist can Handle a Variety of Oral Health Issues

What is a General Dentist?

Many people have memories from their childhood of visiting a dentist every six months or so to receive a routine cleaning. This is meant to establish healthy habits that ideally will continue into the adult years. People who continue to receive routine cleanings as an adult are visiting a general dentist. While a general dentist is certainly able to continue these routine cleanings, they are capable of handling a wide variety of oral health issues. For example, some people may have had cavities discovered during their hygiene visits. These cavities can be filled by a general dentist. Sometimes, a general dentist may discover weak spots in the teeth that are prone to cavity formation. A general dentist can also apply a sealant over the tooth to protect the tooth against further damage. A general dentist will also advise their patients on healthy habits that will prevent problems regarding their oral health in the future.

What should Patients Expect?

While patients can expect to have a deep cleaning during their visit, most visits to a general visit will start with a few questions, particularly if a patient is visiting that specific dentist for the first time. Patients will be asked questions regarding their oral health habits. It’s important for patients to be honest with their general dentist even if they feel their answers are embarrassing. This will allow your dentist to provide the proper guidance. Then, patients will receive a cleaning that will remove tartar and plaque, helping prevent cavity formation down the road. Patients will also have their teeth flossed before the dentist checks for cavities. If cavities are discovered, patients can elect to have them filled.

What are the Goals of this Visit?

This visit to a dentist has several goals. The first is to provide proper guidance that will help them prevent problems from developing with their oral health. It is always easier to prevent a problem from starting than to fix one that is already present. Another goal is to provide a deep cleaning for the teeth as it removes tartar and plaque that are hard to remove otherwise. This will decrease the chances of cavity formation. Finally, patients can also expect to have any cavities filled that are discovered during the visit. If gum disease is prevalent, a general dentist can provide a variety of treatment options.

More than Just a Routine Cleaning

A general dentist is capable of much more than simply checking teeth for cavities. At Welleby Family Dental, patients of all ages can visit Dr. Zaileen Juma in Sunrise, FL to receive complete dental care. In addition to receiving a deep cleaning, patients will also receive important guidance regarding proper oral health habits from Dr. Juma. Anyone who is looking for a Sunrise dentist should contact Welleby Family Dental today to schedule an appointment.

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